The posts about the recent civilian killing by an American in Afghanistan are right.  It’s all one-sided and our stupid rules of engagement coupled with too few troops and the asshole Pakistanis and asshole Afghans have prolonged the war far beyond the one or two years it should have been.  Soldiers are going to flip in such circumstances.  The longer the war and the more unfair and stupid the leadership the more are bound to flip.  It has long been a wonder to me that our troops have done so much with such valor in spite of the shit-head leadership.  It’s time the troops came home to help us patriots re-cycle Congress and the White House,  both of which have turned into enemies of the American people and apologists to our foreign enemies.  It’s time for plain language and outspoken defiance.  IT’S TIME FOR REAL CHANGE !!  HOOOAAAHH !!!

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1 Response to IT HAPPENS

  1. Mick Sharp says:

    I like the sentiment, I don’t like the language. Why does this blog allow anonymous posts?
    Mick Sharp, Kau

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