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This is an example of a post with one picture.  The post was generated at WordPress by using their “Add New Post” feature.  But it could also be generated by putting its contents in an email and sending it to a special address.

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5 Responses to Post Example

  1. Albert Tell says:

    Great photography by Peter Anderson.
    That volcano has been going full blast since I arrived on this island in 1983.
    The particulate average daily output is just over 2000 tons! Yes, two thousand tons per day!
    Who is the guy in the 1776 US Army uniform?
    Keep up the good work!
    Looking forward to some more pictures.
    Albert Tell

  2. Dick says:

    This is the start of Ka’u becoming a voice in the Tea Party. It may be a small one as to our population, but can be as large as to the size of our District. Bucky Fuller used to say, “One man can do more than giant corporations.” I believe that is true if they work hard, are dedicated and use common sense. Dick

  3. Albert Tell says:

    Dick got it right!
    Amen to that!
    We’ll get our boots on today!
    Albert Tell

  4. Looking good Robert!! Keep up the good work..
    Thanks for your comments about my photo, Albert you can see more of my photos in my blog,

  5. jamnsam says:

    Thanks to those who have started this local Tea Party in Ka’u! See you all at the park on the 18th!

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