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Kau Tea Party was organized by residents of The Big Island district of Ka’u in order to initiate rally activities in Na’alehu, Pahala, Volcano, or Ocean View.  Also to show support for Tea Party activities nationwide — and when invited — attend such rallies as guests of the Hilo and Kona Tea Party organizations.

We are not afiliated with any political party and we do not officially endorse any candidates.  We are neither “racist” nor “bigoted”.  One of our founding members is an immigrant from Burma (Myanmar).  We stand for the liberties and inalienable individual rights set forth in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our rally policy is to always get permission from appropriate authorities for the site we choose,  stay within the boundaries of the site,  never obstruct sidewalk or street traffic, never play music too loud or yell so loud as to distract drivers,  and never respond to insults with anger or hold up signs that ordinary citizens would consider offensive in language or images.

If we are guests of another organization we will politely obey their rules as to where we stand and how we behave.